Over the past three years, we’ve worked with Rick Hill, founder of J. Richard Hill and Company, on projects, proposals, and social media communications. Rick’s materials are usually complex and multi-faceted: he needs to speak to his client, but he also needs to speak to his client’s clients. We work with Rick to challenge the presentation of his ideas and to ensure that he clearly and consistently delivers an on-brand message. Read below for more on how Rick communicates the big picture:
Tell us about what you do, Rick.
I create experiential destinations and revitalize urban districts. I believe the built marketplace enhances community and enriches people’s lives.
Who are your clients?
My ideal client is the owner of a great real estate site who needs big ideas. Many of my clients are in fact real estate brokers with little vision, or architects or land planners who are uninformed or in over their head.
How do you connect with these clients?
I tell stories. I tell stories about the history of main streets, world fairs, malls, and theme parks. I tell stories about how the marketplace has changed and how it will continue to change. I tell stories about ways to integrate art, cultural production, and entertainment into the built marketplace.
What’s the most effective way to tell these stories?
I produce 150-page long-form strategic plans. I find that writing the plan out in long form forces deliberation, filtering, and the cross pollination of ideas.
It’s time consuming, but I have had zero success allowing typical public relation firms or marketing firms write content. Their work is always uninformed, naïve, and not original. I do not think these firms can learn what I have spent 40 years learning—I live this business 7 days a week.
Tell us about your vision for your business’s future
I have a long history of pioneering highly transformative concepts. I am looking ahead to building my own brand as a creative innovator and expanding my services to provide branding, positioning, design management, idea generation, merchandising strategies, market research, strategic planning, financial modeling, and management of merchant recruitment. Ultimately, I see myself as a producer working with a specialized team to create the big picture.

Thanks, Rick! We’re here to help you keep telling your stories!