Double Shift Press Presents Margaret Klein Salamon

We’re thrilled to introduce one of our inaugural Double Shift Press authors: Margaret Klein Salamon.

Margaret is the founder and director of The Climate Mobilization, a New York-based nonprofit that’s shifting the conversation about climate change, activism, and ultimately, the future of humanity.
The Climate Mobilization lays out a policy platform that approaches climate change as a global emergency that can—and must—be met head on with honest, reality-based solutions.
Margaret holds a PhD in clinical psychology as well as a degree in social anthropology, and this perspective informs The Climate Mobilization’s approach. In a recent article, she argues that we must respond to a changing climate by acknowledging and experiencing the dark feelings that this reality provokes. Only when we allow ourselves to feel fear, anxiety, and even despair will we be able to look at the cataclysmic specter of climate change honestly, and start grappling toward real solutions. And when we begin to enact these real solutions, we’ll begin to feel real and encompassing hope for our shared future.
Why is Margaret writing her book now? She wants to gather her existing work, currently published in disparate places. She wants to expound and intensify her ideas through examination and evidence. And she wants to use her book to launch a series of high-profile discussions that will spread The Climate Mobilization’s work.
Margaret is writing the future, and we feel lucky to be a part of it. Check back for more about her forthcoming book.