Developmental Services

  • Consultations for idea development
  • Coaching services for content development
  • Flexible project outlines
  • Tracking project calendars for coauthor & team-based projects
  • Writing & editing support
  • Printing and distribution services with Bookmobile
  • Support for Kickstarter printing and fulfillment
  • Integrated marketing plans for prerelease content

Communications Services

  • Consultations for communications strategy
  • Integrated communications plans for nonprofits in transition and growth stages
  • Research- and SME-informed white papers and reports
  • Audience-responsive narrative development for reports and marketing collateral

Academic Services

  • Research plans to prepare late-stage academic publication
  • Reader reviews to transform academic findings into “half-ademic” work
  • Editing support for journal articles, book manuscripts, & tenure materials
  • Support for style-specific correlation