A Toast for the New(ish) Year

Though it’s already February and 2017 has lost its shiny-newness, we’ve got something new that we want to share.
Over the last few months, we’ve been building out our business to better serve our best and most interesting clients. We still offer the standard range of communications services—like smart content creation, comprehensive report writing, and efficient on- and offline editing.
But now we offer brand strategy integration, too.
What is brand strategy integration? It’s a post-strategy service to help you and your team combine new branding materials with existing communications processes. And it can absolutely help you!
While the process of developing a new branding strategy is thrilling and all-consuming, we’ve found that broadly implementing that strategy—consistently, straightforwardly, and repetitively—requires active management.
So, do you have a fantastic new (or maybe not-so-new) brand? Do you—and your team—have a plan for translating it onto your website, your blog, your presentations, your internal and external reports, and all your other communications portals? Are you wondering how to deliver consistently and every day, over and over again?
We can help.
Bring us your positioning statements, your key differentiators, and your messaging points! We’ll provide the templates, style guides, content, and training to ensure that everyone on your team knows exactly what happens after your new brand is born.