What is Brand Strategy Integration?

As Molly Gage noted in her last post, one of the signature services we now offer at MWS is brand strategy integration. Yep, it’s a mouthful—but it’s really quite a simple concept. Here’s a closer look at what it means, and what it looks like in action.
Everyone knows how important it is to develop a solid brand. But often once a brand has been created or reimagined, it just…sits there. A new logo and list of key differentiators can only do so much, even if an organization has committed to a top-notch branding effort. Once the excitement of the branding process wears off, figuring out who communicates what (and when and how) in line with a new brand is challenging.
MWS supplies the crucial link between brand strategy and brand execution. We integrate your brand into your communications processes and materials, and we ensure that your team can communicate your brand effectively and efficiently, too.
When we work with clients who are looking for comprehensive brand strategy integration, the process typically has several steps:

  1. Discovery. We meet with the client’s team to discuss in depth their goals and challenges. We review all existing brand materials and related communications or strategic planning documents.
  2. Development and deliverables. We create and present a plan that includes a communications schedule and recommendations for publications as well as an extensive style guide. We can provide training materials or work directly with an organization’s in-house team to ensure that everyone is up to speed. Other deliverables may include updates to existing materials such as web copy and promotional materials, as well as draft content or templates for new materials.
  3. Review. Six months after we present our deliverables, we’ll follow up with a review. This provides the opportunity to discuss continued pain points and solutions.
  4. Continuing support. We provide ongoing support in various capacities, depending on the client’s needs, from communications management to content development and editing.

We’re passionate about helping organizations connect with their audience, and brand strategy integration is an excellent tool for accomplishing that goal. Questions about how it might work for you? Let us know!